Cooking with Hugo

On monday, Hugo and Berto from Azteca Restaurant in Dublin came to show us how to cook Mexican style. It was good fun and hopefully he’ll come back again and give us some more tips!

Las Noticias.(the news)

If you’d like to learn about daily events around the world and improve your spanish at the same time. Well look no further, the place to go is the bbc mundo website. I’ve decided to make it a permanent link on the right as I think it’s invaluable especially for extra vocab that will be handy for certain exams.

Also, the bbc has a learn spanish section with games. crosswords and videos called mi vida loca.


I love flashcards as they are a good way to test yourself and they make it easier to learn new words.
These cards are all from the same site. When the link opens, click the menu box that says ‘Study’ and then you’re ready to begin.

Numbers 1 – 100 Click here.

Numbers 1 – 1000 Click here.

Numbers 1 – 101 including a recording of the word. Click here.

Animals: Click here.

Classroom items. Click here.

100 common spanish words. Click here.

More common words. Click here.

Que te vaya bien!

Las cuatro debaters.

Four students from 5th year represented the school last night in a spanish debate. Saoirse McNulty, Julia Walsh , Jane Caffrey and Caoimhe Moriarty took on four students from Sanford and debated the motion that emigration is good for Ireland. And all in spanish!!! They spoke really well and did the school proud. Although they were narrowly defeated by Sanford, Jane won the prize as the best orator.